GIT Basics

If you’re a web developer and you’re not using Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), you fall into two categories: 1) You are scared of change or 2) You have found something even better such as flying over the moon on a spoon. DVCS’s allow everyone to all have their own clones/copies of the source code,…


Assigning global attributes for select boxes in Silverstripe

Recently, I was working on a Silverstripe project where the client requested that they have a contact form, and based on the state/region that was chosen in a select box, an email would be sent to that regions email. Another example of this would be to send an email to a certain department such as sales, technical support, advertising, general inquiries etc.
I could have assigned the values with the contact form itself, but when the client informed me that each state did their own email campaigns, it became apparent that a newsletter sign up form would require the same email information based on state/region.


Script automation from the command line (part 1 of 2)

The best part about working with talented PHP Developers in the workplace is learning techniques to make us better developers.

Last week I was required to create an automated PHP script to convert a data file of a legacy application into a newly created internal web app. After completing it, a workmate of mine; Tom McDonnell informed me of a script he had developed which accepted command line arguments and provided great feedback of the status of the running script.